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Communications Facility
Computer Aided Dispatch System
Heartland Communications is centrally located in El Cajon, CA.  TriTech Systems Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software is used for dispatching fire and medical emergencies. The CAD system interfaces with the center’s 9-1-1 telephone system, automatically preloads incident addresses, telephone numbers and the jurisdictional city providing geographical information to the responding Fire/EMS units. The CAD system interfaces with our alphanumeric paging system, a paging interface directly to Smartphones and fire station alerting equipment, allowing rapid notification and response by first responders. 

Fire Records Management System
Heartland supports a Fire Records Management System (RMS) giving the Fire agencies the ability to complete incident reporting for in-house, city management, and requests from the public and incident reporting for the State of California. 

County Radio Communications
Heartland Communications is a member of the County of San Diego Regional Communications System (RCS). The RCS allows Heartland countywide radio coverage, making Heartland the second largest user of the RCS behind the Sheriff’s Department, and is represented as a voting member on the RCS Board of Directors. 

Analysis of Fire and EMS Incident Trends
Heartland uses the Omega FireView program to provide management and command staff with current information for better options and decisions that will positively impact daily operational outcomes.